Candice Malyn Corgan is an interdisciplinary artist from the Midwest. She was born in 1990, in Kenner, Louisiana but grew up in southern Missouri running around farms and watching the Simpsons, with little to no supervision. She received her BFA from Southeast Missouri State University (Cape Girardeau, Missouri), where she specialized in printmaking. This love of process led her to study at Tamarind Institute of Fine Art Lithography (Albuquerque, New Mexico), where she received certificates as a Tamarind Trained Printer and as a Tamarind Trained Master Printer. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Studio Arts at Syracuse University (Syracuse, New York).



I need to fuck with things. Creating moments of surprise, confusion, discomfort, and excitement, mostly out of boredom and desire to reject the mundanity of life. A fear of only living up to the limitations of what is expected. My practice involves studio play, questioning absurd and alternative material functions in relation to my disciplinary training. Using predictable behavior and limited suggestions, ludic interaction is created through site-specific installations. Focusing on the vulnerabilities of materials and humans, the audience and the work perform; caring less about the precious object and more about the tension created through relinquishing control and generating play.